Not Charging EV3



  • Thomas Boring

    My right hearing aid will not charge. The light stays on green and will not turn red.

  • Soon Lee

    No,not even turn to green light.

  • Soon Lee

    No charging action at all.

  • james gilley

    purchased both EV1 / EV2 ..I like EV2 but they dont charge  all the lights come on the docking station   blue /power...but the charge lights come on immediately in green..even without units inserted ..but no charge occcurs  ..?? is it docking station  or unit batteries ?? its been months since I could use them..? HELP

  • Jimmy Michael Rouse

    I have EV3 all lights come on on docking station, 1 blue and 2 greens. Green lights are always on, they do not turn red when units are on the charger. Left hearing aid works at this moment, right hearing aid does not work and will not charge. Left hearing aid was not working but is working as I am writing this letter.


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